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Nautical club Vitar aims to gather people who love the sea , and offer them opportunities to improve their knowledge of the sea and to enjoy the marine environment, above and below the water surface. Generation-old maritime and fishing tradition of residents of the island of Korcula are our starting point for the development of the club .

Nautical club

Nautical club Vitar was founded in June 2015, as an amateur sports non-profit organization. We started with a sailing school for kids, and our goal is to create a sports section for sailors . We are located in the middle of the island of Korcula, in the bay of Brna, Smokvica .

Why Brna and its bay?

Brna bay offers natural conditions and beauty of the underwater world , and the possibility of sailing and other activities throughout the year . The descendants of fishermen and sailors from Smokvice helped the club Vitar here goes , and that the first children from Smokvica and Brna Sail sailing club .

Other activities

In addition to the sailing section, our aim is to bring together owners of traditional Korčulanskih bracera and gajeta boats and revive the forgotten skills of our ancestors. We started a section of underwater photography and scuba diving, through lectures aimed at the young memebrs. We are also interested in taking care of our environment, the sea and its undrewater life, as well the love for ship modeling.

Activities of the club

Sailing club and school

Sailing section gathers young sailors on Optimist and Laser sailign boats. In addition to this we have other boats suitable for training and coaching in sailing (Topper, Alpamare). We have ideal conditions for sailing and school activites all years round.

Traditional sailboats of Korčula

There are only few traditional salingtn boats scuh as „bracere“ and „gajete“ left on the island, and they are in danger of extintion. We want to bring together the owners of these boats and to revive the interest of young people to enjoy the sea through the forgotten values ​​of traditional wooden beauties .

Diving and underwater activities

Scuba diving and underwater activity will attract many lovers of underwater marine life, and help develop awareness of the co-existence with other beings on this planet .

Ship modeling

Ship modeling is a craftmanship and a skill that we want to offer as an alternative to the abundance of media and online content, especially to young people on the island of Korcula .


Caring for underwater life and the nature that surrounds us is important to us. Therefore we want to run activities with this topic, aided by experts in this field. Through lectures and workshops on ecology, we aim to waken the interest of a wider range of people living on the island.

Photo and video galley