Winds of opportunities

Let us raise wind for children of Korcula so they can learn how to master winds of their opportunities!

We are excited to anounce that from the 22.04.2016 we have started a fundraising campaign!!! Here is a short video explaining the purpose of this project!

We have chosen the fundraising platform Generosity to launch this campaign as we feel it represents in the best possible way the kind of project we have created. Our goal is to expland our small fleet of currently 4 old optimist sail dingies and maybe even dream of a race optimist boat! Please share this project with your friends and familiy and help us achieve our goal! For more information please click here

How can you help?

  • Share this project with your friends on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram....
  • Involve your local community
  • Become a member of our club
  • Donate a used dingie

Thank you very much for your help!